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Stacy Mercier Earlywine


About Stacy 

Stacy Earlywine is a Structural Medicine Specialist (SMS™)  and a

Board Certified Structural Integrator (BCSI     ).


She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance and has spent a

lifetime exploring movement. She is a graduate of

the Institute of Structural Medicine and in 2018 Stacy joined the

ISM faculty as a Foundational Skills instructor. She's thrilled to have

the opportunity to help budding practitioners create a solid base from which to grow.  


In addition to her clinical private practice in NE Seattle, Stacy is a volunteer medical provider with the Seattle Performing Arts Medicine Clinic (SeaPAM) where she enjoys collaborating with other practitioners to address the unique needs of dancers and performing artists of all genres.

In her free time Stacy enjoys skiing, climbing, mountain biking, running, wandering in the Cascade mountains and traveling as much as possible with her husband and two growing boys.

"I hope to help you find your path back to health and wellness so that you can 

reach your full potential in whatever endeavor you find your passion."



"I fell several years ago and experienced a severe injury to my hips and legs. I've sought help from a variety of practitioners, who certainly made me feel better yet there was no lasting change, until I met Stacy Earlywine. In a brief series of sessions Stacy transformed my suffering into long lasting relief. I'm now able to move and sleep without pain. I highly recommend Stacy and structural medicine to everyone who has ever suffered physical pain." - Marie  M., clinical hypnotherapist

"I highly recommend Stacy for structural body work. She is knowledgeable, skilled and offers effective treatment options.  I suffered with severe bilateral hip pain for years, I am now pain free thanks to Stacy! She's excellent!" - Nancy K., - athlete, social worker

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