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About Stacy

Structural Medicine Specialist™
Board Certified Structural Integrator
Somassage ® Certified by the SOMA Institute
Licensed Massage Therapist
Institute of Structural Medicine Anatomy Teacher
Somatic Experiencing Level 6 Student
Lover of Mountains


My Story

As I look back I see clearly now that Movement is the continuous thread through my wonderful and varied career path. I began dancing at the age of, oh, about 3 I think.  In 1993 I received my BFA in Dance and went on to have a short but passionate tenure performing with the Stone Dance Collective and teaching in the Seattle area.  And then I fell madly in love with rock climbing, a magical sort of vertical dance with nature. I worked in the world of outdoor education and climbing for a decade before taking time “off” to raise my boys…by far, the most challenging work of my life. It was during my years at home, wondering what would come next, that Structural Medicine found me. The intensive but flexible 4 year program allowed me to be largely present with my children while still moving towards this new endeavor.  I opened my practice in 2016 and focused on treating people with pain and movement dysfunction caused by structural and myofascial restrictions. Then somewhere around 2020 in our new Covid world, I began noticing that I was having less success with some people due to high levels of stress and anxiety. They simply could not relax enough during the treatment for my techniques to be effective.  I realized I needed to add to my toolbox and to deepen my understanding of the role of the nervous system and it’s effects on the body.  This lead me to Somatic Experiencing. SE offers a powerful lens to see the whole person and to address pain more holistically.  When trauma, either physical or emotional, is a component of the pain picture, SE is a critical component. 

My journey continues. 

Let’s Connect

Stacy Earlywine

Earlywine Structural Medicine, LLC

5417 Ivanhoe Place NE

Seattle, WA 98115

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