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Structural Medicine

What a disgrace it is to grow old

without seeing the beauty and strength

of which one’s body is capable.  

- Socrates

Structural Medicine is a customized evaluation, treatment and collaborative team approach to an individual’s unique health issues.  Distinctive to the field of structural integration, Structural Medicine directly addresses specific pathologies, painful complaints, and movement dysfunctions. It bridges well-established and proven evaluation tools found in mainstream medicine (strength, range-of-motion and neurological testing, postural assessment) with the latest scientific developments in alternative treatment therapies (manual therapy,

myofascial release, movement education and neuromuscular re-education.)

A typical session lasts 2 hours to allow sufficient time to gather a
complete history, perform a thorough evaluation and to carry out the treatment followed by a re-evaluation to gauge progress. Rather than passively receiving treatment, clients are invited to participate in their session by engaging in various movements that will enhance the work.  For example, you may be asked to point and flex your foot while your lower leg is being treated. You are welcome to ask questions and engage in discussion.  I enjoy client education and use a variety of resources to share information with you about what I uncover in my evaluation and treatment.
Structural Medicine is not massage. While sometimes the treatment may be relaxing, you can expect to be working hard in order to get the most out of your session.  It may not always be comfortable. Some clients experience pain during treatment however I aim to help you distinguish between a productive or therapeutic pain and pain that is neither. Communication during sessions is vital and I will always work with you to make sure we stay within your level of comfort and tolerance. True healing comes from within you.
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