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Imagine the Possibilities

Are you ready to dive deeper into maximizing your body's potential?

This program is designed for those who want to explore ways to optimize their 

physical well being by improving posture,
increasing mobility and building strength.

Stacy Running.jpeg

In 2021 at age 50 I'm running faster and stronger than I did when I began running at age 42.

Do you want to move more comfortably?

Feel more open and fluid in your body?

Improve athletic performance?

Learn how to minimize nagging aches and pains? 

For many of us when we are in our teens
and 20's our body just works. We don't have to give it a whole lot of thought.  

But then come the 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond and we realize that many years of life have added up.  We feel things we never felt and we don't love it.  

It's not too late to make a difference in how you move and feel in your body! 

Basic Package

You, new you.

The basic package includes:

  • Goal setting - let's get clear on what you want to achieve with our work together.

  • An initial 2 hour intake session where we will evaluate your posture, do a complete set of myofascial length tests (MFLT) to identify areas of the body that are tight and/or short and evaluate the strength of major muscle groups to identify areas that are weak.  During this first meeting we will also have a short ~ 30 min bodywork session to begin to address some of our findings.

  • A 2 hour follow up session to review all of the information collected in our initial meeting and to dive into the details your custom program.  You'll receive a one hour bodywork session and an hour of movement, posture and/or strength training. 

  • One additional 2 hour session to schedule at your leisure when you feel you want additional coaching or bodywork. 

  • Cost: $900 

Next Level

You, upgraded.

The next level package includes everything in the basic package plus:

  • Ongoing biweekly (remote) check ins to ask questions and receive feedback on your at home program.

  • Monthly or bimonthly in person sessions to refine your program and progress your work. All sessions will include Structural Medicine bodywork along with your personalized movement training.

  • Cost: Basic Package price ($900) plus $350 monthly for one in person session or $600 monthly for two in person sessions. 

Payment plans are available for all programs and you may discontinue the monthly plans at any time you wish. 

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