What to Expect
A Typical Session
A typical session lasts 2 hours to allow sufficient time to gather a
complete history, perform a thorough evaluation and to carry out the treatment
followed by a re-evaluation to gauge progress. Rather than passively receiving 
treatment, clients are invited to participate in their session by engaging in various
movements that will enhance the work.  For example, you may be asked to point
and flex your foot while your lower leg is being treated. You are welcome to ask
questions and engage in discussion.  I enjoy client education and use a variety of
resources to share information with you about what I uncover in my evaluation
and treatment.
Structural Medicine is not massage.  While sometimes the treatment may be relaxing, you can expect to be working hard in order to get the most out of your session.  It may not always be comfortable. Some clients experience pain during treatment however I aim to help you distinguish between a productive or therapeutic pain and pain that is neither. Communication during sessions is vital and I will always work with you to make sure we stay within your level of comfort and tolerance. True healing comes from within you.
What to Wear
Sessions are typically performed with the client in their underwear or the like. Standard massage style draping techniques (where the client may choose to disrobe completely and be covered throughout the session) are not practical since clients are often executing range of motion exercises during the session as well as repeated positional changes and muscle testing/re-testing. It is best to wear something that you feel comfortable in that also allows full range of motion of your arms and legs and maximum visual assessment for the practioner. For women, bikini bras work well (you can also wear swimwear.) Sports bras with thick straps are not ideal. Wearing a top with a back clasp that can be unhooked easily while you are face down on the table facilitates access to all the large muscles of the upper back.  For men, loose running shorts with a mesh underlining or briefs work well.