Working with Children

It is my pleasure to work with children as part of my practice. They are generally curious, open minded little creatures which I find delightful! And because they do not have years of compensation patterns woven into their structures, they often change easily and quickly. It is my hope that by working with young people as their physical bodies develop, I can play a role in helping them avert some of the common problems adults acquire over time. Early intervention and education leads to health and longevity. 

How I got started with Pediatrics

I began my journey with pediatrics when my own son was experiencing

some foot problems.  We were referred to a chiropractor who specializes

in gait issues and it was recommended that we purchase custom 

orthotics for him. Before we decided to take this (expensive!) plunge,

I wanted to see what was possible with Structural Medicine. After seeing

my teacher and mentor Donna Bajelis for a 2 hour session, I

completed 3-4 short sessions with him and the results were encouraging.  

The rotation in his legs was greatly diminished and his collapsing arches

were improved.  With ongoing occasional treatment we have avoided the

orthotics and he runs faster than ever! 

Who I work with

I enjoy treating young athletes and have treated or assisted in the treatment

of children for a variety of issues including arm and shoulder overuse

injuries from baseball; acute back pain in young skaters; hip,

knee and ankle pain in soccer players, and repetitive strain injuries from a 

variety of sports including running, swimming and basketball.


Pediatric appointments are generally shorter than adult sessions but since every child is different, during your first 1 hour appointment we will determine the best approach for moving forward. I have seen children for 30 min sessions and there are some for whom a 2 hour appointment is best.  For the majority of children a 1 or 1.5 hour appointment is ideal.

Children should wear loose clothing for a treatment - shorts only for boys and shorts and a tank top for girls is ideal but I will always work within their comfort zone in all areas of the appointment.  

I look forward to working with you and your child!