Foundational Skills for Structural Medicine

Foundational Skills will focus on the anatomy and physiology relevant to the practice of Structural Medicine as well as palpation and visual assessment skills. Students will also receive an introduction to Myofascial Length Testing (MFLT) and Anatomy Trains (myofascial meridians).

This 90 hour course is designed with future Structural Medicine students in mind but it is open to and appropriate

for anyone interested in an introductory musculoskeletal anatomy course.

Course Fee: $1,200 


What Students are Saying

"Stacy's Foundational Skills Anatomy class was a dream come true. I learned more than I have ever learned in other anatomy classes. There are many reasons for this, chief of which is that Stacy is a very dedicated, organized, thoughtful and fun instructor. She held the class in her lovely work studio, and thus the learning atmosphere was beautiful, laid-back and comfortable. Our class size was small and allowed for us to go deeper than we could have in a larger group setting. There is of course a lot of memorization involved with learning anatomy, but Stacy consistently provided ways to make us think beyond just rote memorization: using games, song, mnemonics, kinesthetics, etc., she created an atmosphere where we had multiple ways to retain the information. I felt part of a team of learners and the atmosphere was collaborative, drawing on each of our different ways of integrating what we were studying. I cannot recommend this class enough!"  - Veronica D, Yoga teacher


Course Objectives:

Gain a solid understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy. Students will be able to name bones and muscles as well as their actions, origins, and insertions and will be able to palpate them on the body.

Develop a basic understanding of the systems of the body and how they relate to Structural Medicine.

Be able to perform the basic set of myofascial length tests.

Identify the structures in each Anatomy Train line.

Learn visual assessment skills in order to facilitate the development of a treatment plan.

Practice client positioning for treatment

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